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    Shonda will have to perform a writing miracle for me to ever like Olitz again. The thought of them together is repulsive to me now. I loved everything about Olivia this episode except for that scene in the Oval Office. I’m so over the two of them.

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    here’s something to consider:

    if olivia hadn’t told fitz she was off on an island riding jake’s dick til the sun went down, fitz probably would have second thought this accusation of jake.

    but since he a fuckboy and stupid as all get out, he doesn’t wanna think about it.

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    Fuck Fitzgerald.

    Fuck Papa Pope.

    Fuck Tom.

    Fuck David.

    Fuck Abby

    Fuck that folder Papa Pope had

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    Why does Fitz ruin everything?  I hope Olivia can save Jake. I know she’ll never believe he ordered the killing of Jerry.

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    I wonder if DSW compensated Bubba Sparxx or the Ying Yang Twins for this.

    I wonder if DSW compensated Bubba Sparxx or the Ying Yang Twins for this.

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    I’m not on tumblr much lately. But I still have love for all of my Olake peeps. Hope we have lots to rejoice about after this episode!

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    piscestoo I listened the “Two Weeks” also. I love it. The video is great too. She’s a breath of fresh air in music. Much needed right now.

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    I’m late to the party, but FKA Twigs is all kinds of awesome. This video of her singing Hide in some Mayan ruins in Mexico is mesmerizing. I love her voice.  She’s so sensual.  Her sound reminds me of some of my trip-hop faves.

    I’ve only heard of her because of a story about the racist tweets Robert Pattinson’s fans were sending her. After listening to her music and watching her videos I can only conclude that he’s way lucky to have her. 

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