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    This Sweet SicknessThis Sweet Sickness by Patricia Highsmith
    My rating: 4 of 5 stars

    This was a great read. It was my first dip into the Patricia Highsmith catalog, and I can’t wait to read more of her work.

    I found the protagonist, David, to be scarier than the monsters that go bump into the night. That is what made this story brilliant.

    I’ve seen some people say they are sympatheic towards David, but I couldn’t muster any such emotion for him. He was a stalker, pure and simple.

    I felt so much anxiety everytime he called Annabelle, wrote her letters, or stopped by her home when it was obvious she didn’t want him that I sometimes had to put the book down to catch my breath.

    David was a “nice guy” who thought he knew what was best for Annabelle more than she did.

    Finally, the two major incidents that David caused in the book were no accidents in my mind. He did them because ,besides being creepy and barely hanging on to his sanity, he was also a narcissist who had tunnel vision. In his mind Annabelle waited for him at the end of that tunnel, and he would do anything if it resulted in getting her to admit she loved him.

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    Playlist of my favorite PJ Harvey album cuts.

    (Source: Spotify)

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    Campaigns for #MikeBrown #Ferguson →
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    Amazon Wishlist to Help the Protesters in Ferguson →

    If you want to help here is a wishlist that some students at Spelman put together to help the protesters out on the front lines in Ferguson.  There’s things like water, hand sanitizer, clean up supplies, etc. on this list. It’s been validated as legit.

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    I haven’t logged into tumblr for a few days. Imostly hang out on Twitter nowadays. If you want to follow I’m @music_chick829.

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    Silence is Not an Option →


    Another young black man has been gunned down. His name was Mike Brown. He was unarmed.

    My [redacted] e-mailed me because she knew I would be upset about this story, because she knows all of my heart, and all I could say in response was, “I am numb.”

    I don’t care if Mike Brown was going to…

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    "I’m flawed if I’m not free."

    Lyric from Rilo Kiley’s song, “Does He Love You?”

    One of my favorite lyrics ever.

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    Feist -  A Commotion - Soirée de Poche

    Does anyone have the full version of this performance?  This minute and a half is so amazing I need the whole thing.

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